Display Markers

Our custom botanical signs can be used for a variety of applications ranging from plant and tree identification to memorials and way-finding. Click a product below to find out more and download the specification sheet.


Classic Stake Markers

Lark Label’s classic stake markers are perfect for your botanical labelling needs. These long-lasting, easy-to-read signs will add to the beauty of your garden or display.


Classic Tree Markers

Our tree markers include springs and screws for installation. These allow the marker to adjust and slide out as to not harm the tree while it grows.


Classic Bench Markers

These markers are great for memorial benches and can also be attached to posts for way-finding and trail marking.


Classic Name Stake

Lark's Name Stake provides a unique look, with easy-to-read identification. We laser image your text right onto the stake, which can be bent to any angle for easy reading.


The Post Marker

The Post Marker looks great along trails and provides a sturdy, easy-to-see profile. The top of the post is cut at a 35º angle for easy reading.


Hang Around Markers

These markers are great for identifying trees, brushes and other plants with branches. Each marker comes with a 14” UV resistant zip-tie to hang around branches as small as 3” in diameter.


Rocky Markers

These are our smallest markers, originally designed for rock gardens. They are great for identifying smaller objects without distracting the viewer from the object itself. There are two sizes available.