Lark Parts & Sign Accessories

If you make your signs in-house, you can buy the same durable materials we use to make our signs. We take pride in the durability and look of our products, so you can count on these materials being up to your standard.



Lark stakes are designed and built to last. These black anodized stakes come with a 35º bend on the top with VHB tape to adhere your sign to the stake. Multiple lengths and widths available.


Super Stakes

Black aluminum T-shaped stakes with a 35° bend 4” from the top of the stake, has 3M VHB tape and a safety point at the bottom to help stick it into the ground.


Blank Plates

Blank nameplates with round corners. Most CO2 lasers cannot etch our anodized nameplates so we also offer a Kynar coated nameplate. Kynar plates available in black, green and brown.



PlaStakes prevent plastic signs from breaking, as they often do. The solid aluminum backing plate supports the edges of the signs, preventing them from falling off or breaking. PlaStakes increase the longevity of your plastic signs.