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The “lightbulb moment” happened when I saw cell phone tower registration signs being etched by a laser. They had to hold up to the weather and each plaque was unique. With my horticulture background, I knew exactly what to do with this technology. That was the start of Lark Label. It took some time perfecting the process and learning about metal, which is way different from pulling weeds.

Janitor & Owner Karl Miller

Since Karl had that “lightbulb moment” and made the first Lark Labels, we have been making many innovations to that original sign.

Besides using a laser to etch into black anodized aluminum, our nameplates are black on both sides and the stakes are also black anodized rather than painted.

We were the first, and only, plant display marker company to warranty our markers for ten years.

Our Classic Nameplates and Anchors

Our Classic Nameplates have rounded corners and the Lark Label Stake Anchor which helps keep your markers in YOUR garden! Our stakes have the Safety Point, which is a true point with blunted end to keep it safer.

Spectrum Markers in Full Color

Plants come in every color but black and white which is why we came up with our full color Spectrum markers. We can make them any size, from a small marker to a larger interpretive panel. We guarantee these not to fade or delaminate for ten years.

Botanical Names Database

During our time in business, we’ve built a professional plant database of botanical Latin names. As we know these Latin names can be confusing, and change often, we spellcheck your names against our professional plant database to ensure accuracy before printing.

The PlaStake Innovation

We developed the PlaStake for a garden that was having squirrel problems (they were chewing up the nameplates), then we discovered it keeps nameplates together when they get brittle from UV. This will get you many more years out those markers.

The NameStake for Rock Gardens

Our newest marker is the NameStake ideal for for rock gardens, spring ephemerals and plant containers. The plant names are imaged directly into our black stake material and are bent to your needs. The most common is so the name is horizontal to the ground so your information is right in front of the plant at ground level.

Faithful Clients

Thanks to our many faithful clients, we are one of the largest producers of plant ID markers in the US. We are committed to making sure that ordering is painless, you get a great looking and long lasting product, and that you are happy with your experience with Lark Label.

Lark Label Loves Our Clients

  • Very Satisfied

    Sally and Karl were incredibly responsive and helpful throughout the entire process of ordering from Lark Label. The turn around time from engraving to shipping and receiving was quick, but quality was not sacrificed in any way. I am very satisfied with this purchasing process.
    Jessica M.
    Museum of Texas Tech University
  • I Picked the Best

    Lark Label has made developing my project very easy with quality results. I went to several signage companies before choosing Lark Label and I’m very happy that I picked the best. They offer low pricing with excellent quality. The staff is extremely helpful and a pleasure to work with.
    Mari C.
    Placerita Canyon Nature Center
  • Easy to Work With

    They are very responsive. They answered my questions quickly and in depth. They sent me samples of the signs. They were easy to work with. They were fairly priced. The signs they made are beautiful and look wonderful in our garden.
    Barbara S.
    First Congregational Church
  • Reliable and Professional

    Lark Labels assisted me with a tree and plant ID project I was in charge of. Thanks to Karl and cew! Lark Label is a reliable and professional company with top-notch products.
    Tony V.
  • Excellent Referral

    Lark Label was referred to us by our local and nearby Dawes Arboretum, and we have continued to order their classic hang around label for our Arboretum trees and continue to be satisfied with the product.
    Cindy D.
    Kendal at Granville
  • Very Professional

    Signage looks very professional, is easy to clean, and stands the test of weather.
    Danielle W.
    California Botanic Garden
  • Quality & Eco Friendly

    Quality labels and stakes and eco friendly packaging!
    Julia K.
  • 7 years and still look good!

    We have great plant labels from Lark Label. They have been in the garden for over 7 years and still look good! Karl is very helpful and made compiling and submitting a big order painless. Making plans to add more signs to our botanic garden.
    Erin A.
    Sherman Library & Gardens
  • Small Company Attention

    Karl and his team are great! Small company attention with large company professionalism. Always accurate, reliable and timely. Good quality, friendly, and reliable.
    Shari B.
    San Diego Zoo
  • Happy Christmas Gardener

    I just received the shipment and could not be more satisfied. The quality was exactly what I was looking for and your service ranks just as high. You’re going to have a very excited gardener on Christmas morning. Thank you so much.
    Michael G.
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